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Resident News

Nov 25/14

All Residents of 981 and 1001Main Street West

Please be advised that parking enforcement will begin; Monday December 8, 2014 Until further notice Visitor's Parking will be located in front of Building 1001 and will contain... Read Post >>
Nov 25/14

Reminder- Residents at ALL Wilstar Properties

Just a friendly reminder Balconies need to kept free of excessive debris and clutter. As per the tenancy agreement flowerboxes, awnings, flags, arial antennas are not permitted.... Read Post >>
Nov 21/14

50 Cordova Avenue- Balcony Update

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your co-operation during the balcony repairs. Please be advised that it has been very difficult to provide you with... Read Post >>
Nov 15/14

24 Mabelle & 50 Cordova- Mens Change Room OPEN MONDAY!

Good News! The Mens Change Room at 24 Mabelle & 50 Cordova will be OPEN Monday November 17th! After extensive renovation – HVAC, Tiles, Ceiling, Carpet, paint the... Read Post >>
Nov 13/14

50 Cordova- Residents of the 05 Line Floor 1-19

Please be advised there will be no hot or cold water in the washrooms on Monday November 17, 2015 from 9am to 5pm. Please ensure your taps are in the closed position. We... Read Post >>
Nov 13/14

50 Cordova & 24 Mabelle Avenue Residents- Monthly Fire Alarm Testing

Friday January 9, 2015 9am-5pm Alarms will be sounding intermittently IN THE EVENT OF A REAL EMERGENCY ALARMS WILL SOUND CONTINUOSLY! Access to suites is not required. Read Post >>
Nov 13/14


Annual fire alalrm testing will take place Novemeber 17-20 at 24 Mabelle, during this time alarms will be sounding intermittently. IN THE EVENT OF A REAL EMERGENCY THE... Read Post >>
Nov 11/14

Welcome Wilstar Residents!

Here on the Wilstar Residents page, notices and information regarding your building will be posted. For the most up to date happenings at your building check back here often! Also... Read Post >>