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Nov 16/17

Residents at 35 Spencer Important Notice - Window Locks

To All Residents at 35 Spencer Ave.


It has been brought to Management's attention that there are several windows that are in violation of City of Toronto Property Standards Bylaw Section 629-21 D. (4) as such a full unit by unit, window by window inspection will take place beginning November 27th. All tenants will be provided a notice to enter as per Section 27 of the Residential Tenancies Act for the purpose of evaluating and installing prescribed window locks. Every window which does not have a balcony below it and is more than one (1) meter above the ground, is subject to Section 629-21 D. (4) and will require a window lock. Any item or object that will prevent Wilstar and its staff from complying with Section 629-21 D. (4) must be removed, this includes window air conditioners and fans.


We would also like to remind all residents that discarding any item or material from any window or balcony is strictly prohibited and is in contradiction to the Residential Tenancies Act as well as all lease agreements in place at 35 Spencer Avenue.



Wilstar Management Ltd.