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Nov 20/17

Parking at 981 & 1001 Main


To all Residents of Camelot Towers 981 and 1001 Main St West

Dear Resident's

Wilstar Management is committed to working with our residents to create a safe, cohesive and organized parking area and to ensure that our residents reserve the privilege to have a parking space and not the commuter. Hence the existing enforcement of current parking rules as per your Tenancy Agreement and the current design of the surface parking area along with City of Hamilton By-Law enforcement. Please be advised that all laneways must be kept clear of parked cars to improve the flow of traffic and is essential for winter maintenance and emergency vehicles. If you have a designated parking stall you must adhere to that stall and park within the designated space outlined, failure to do so will result in a parking violation from the City of Hamilton Parking Enforcement; this will include the underground garage. Furthermore, those who live in building 1001 must park on the West side of the property and those who live in building 981 must park on the East side of the property, the dividing line is down the center of the parking lot between the two buildings. Please be aware of all signs on the property and adhere to their instruction, as they are enforceable by City of Hamilton Parking Enforcement. Also be advised any changes to vehicle information must be done in writing to the buildings Rental Office.

Your parking pass must be adhered to the bottom left (driver) side of your windscreen, so as to be clearly visible to onsite staff and City of Hamilton By-Law officers.