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May 27/17

Filter Change - 24 Mabelle Ave.




Dear Resident(s):

Please be advised that our contractor MCS and a Wilstar Maintenance Staff member will be entering your suite to conduct our filter replacement program.  The schedule is as follows.


Monday, May 29/17                                 PH floor to 33rd floor

Tuesday, May 30/17                                 32nd floor to 30th floor

Wednesday,May 31/10                                     29th floor to 27th floor

Thursday, Jun 1/17                                   26th floor to 24th floor

Friday, Jun 2/17                                         23rd floor to 21st floor

Monday, June 5/17                                   20th floor to 18th floor

Tuesday, June 6/17                                   17th floor to 15th floor

Wednesday, June 7/17                            14th floor to 11th floor

Thursday, June 8/17                                 10th floor to 08th floor

Friday, June 9/17                                    07th floor to 05th floor

Tuesday, June 13/17                              04th floor to Lobby


Please ensure at least 36 inches around the H.V.A.C. unit is clear.  If you cannot be at home please ensure that we will have no problem entering your suite.  If a secondary locking system has been installed a key must be given to the Resident Managers or please leave it off.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned at 416-224-1750 Ext. 2242.

Yours truly,

Wilstar Management Ltd.