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Nov 14/17

Construction Update - 24 Mabelle Ave.

To all Residents at 24 Mabelle

Dear Residents,

Further to the initial notice sent in February regarding construction, Wilstar would like to provide an update to the ongoing balcony construction and elevator modernization. Several weeks ago the Ministry of Labour shut our site down due to concerns relating to the platforms being used onsite to remove concrete debris from the building. Upon beginning this project the Ministry of Labour was made aware of the project and the equipment being used however only after the railings were removed, did they take issue with the machines. It should further be noted that these machines have been used for years throughout the industry and at no time has it been an issue with the exception of our project at 24 Mabelle, in fact the very same machines, contractor, engineering firm and project manager were used at 50 Cordova to remove and replace the existing balcony railings. Wilstar and our contractors were at a loss as to why the Ministry of Labour took issue with this project however they have and as such we are now up to seven weeks behind schedule due to the stop work. In no way is Wilstar or its affiliates being critical of why the Ministry of Labour closed the site but rather for their inefficiency of working with our contractor and engineering firm to come to a timely agreement. In addition to the bureaucracy of government agencies we have also experienced a higher than normal amount of wind and rain this past season which has also put us behind several weeks. As many of you are aware construction on the balconies have been reinstated, as such you are likely to hear sounds of construction related to the balcony restoration such as jackhammering, power saws, gas or diesel powered generators, heavy machinery, drilling and as well as communication of construction staff. Wilstar recognizes the potential for noise pollution and in response the Party Room located on the B1 level will be made available during construction hours, to come and escape noise which may be disturbing.

In regards to elevator modernization, please note that our contractors have been underway since late October. Initial time estimates have been stated at 10 to 12 weeks for completion per machine and cab. The contractor will work on one machine and cab until it is fully complete, it is anticipated as the project moves forward the time to complete each machine will be reduced.

Wilstar is absolutely committed to providing to all our residents a property that is in a good state of repair and which complies with health, safety, housing and maintenance standards which we hope will increase our resident's enjoyment of the property and their pride in our community. Wilstar would also like to extend our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience these projects may cause in the short-term; however we are confident that all residents will appreciate living at a property that has several recent and future improvements. We would like to thank all of our residents for your co-operation and understanding through this difficult time.


Wilstar Management Ltd.