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Sep 21/17

Air Conditioning at 24 Mabelle Avenue & 50 Cordova

To All Residents of

24 Mabelle Avenue


50 Cordova Avenue


Dear Resident(s):

This is to inform you that the fall of 2016 we (Wilstar Management) used our discretion and did not end the operation of the a/c system effective September 15th and on the 5th operating day after same we received a call from the City of Toronto Inspector that we were in violation of the by-law and the system must be taken out of operation for the season and although the temperature exceeded 28 degrees we did as requested.

We have now contacted the City By-Law department and have received clearance to reinstate the operation of the a/c system, therefore please be advised that although it requires more than flicking a switch the a/c system will be operational by Friday September 21st, 2017 mid afternoon or evening and will operate until Wednesday, September 27th, 2017 and if heat is required at that time it will be a 48 hours turn over period.  So please bear with us.



Wilstar Management Ltd.