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Oct 27/16

981 Main St. Construction Update

October 27, 2016 Update


Dear Residents of Camelot Towers building 981;

As you are aware Wilstar Management Ltd. and the shareholders of Camelot Towers, herein referred to as Wilstar, has initiated a construction project to replace balcony railings which began in late August of 2015 and commenced again in April of 2016, per the various door to door notices that you have received and have been posted in the common areas throughout the building.

The purpose of this correspondence is to update all residents of our proposed timelines and scopes of work taking place at the property. At present there are two elevated platforms erected on the Northwest side of building, the South end of the building and a swing stage on the North end of building 981 where all the metal railings have been removed and workers are now preparing the concrete surface for the waterproof membrane. After this task is complete the new railings will be installed by fastening the railing post to the newly formed concrete. During this period of time, access to your balcony is strictly prohibited due to the safety concerns related to not having guard rails as well as being a construction area. Furthermore, you are likely to hear sounds of construction such as jackhammering, power saws cutting through metal and concrete, gas or diesel powered generators and heavy machinery, hammering, drilling of metal and concrete as well as communication of the workers.

In regards to timelines of the balcony railing replacement please be advised of the following;

All balconies in the 17, 19, 21 and 23 lines have an estimated time of completion by mid-November

All ensuite balconies in the 18 and 23 lines will have an estimated time of completion by mid-November

All ensuite balconies in the 01 and 02 lines will have an estimated time of completion by mid-November

All balconies in the 01, 03, 05, 07 and 09 lines will commence work in March of 2017 weather pending.  

In addition to replacing balcony railings Wilstar will be improving the buildings energy efficiency and envelope integrity by replacing all suite windows commencing mid to late January of 2017 with an estimated time of completion12 to 14 weeks later. In addition to replacing windows, Wilstar will also be facilitating the installation of an insulating façade to further increase envelope integrity and efficiency, this will begin in March 2017 weather permitting

Please note that all times have been agreed upon by Wilstar and its constructors in good faith however these times may be required to be adjusted due to weather delays, manpower shortages, work permit approvals and other unforeseen circumstances associated with projects of this calibre. In the event of times being materially varied, Wilstar will post notices in the laundry room, lounge room, mail room, the main lobby, and on our Residents Tab at our website;

We will further utilize the communication module of My Community to email, text or call regarding the aforementioned as well as other updates regarding the property and your tenancy.


In regards to the construction noise of these projects, Wilstar has confirmed with the City of Hamilton, Property Standards Office, that construction noises as mentioned may take place from 7:00 am through to 10:00 pm seven days a week. While it is unlikely for work to be done during all the times permitted in the by-law, it is likely you will hear construction noise between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm Monday to Friday with work being sometimes scheduled on Saturdays to maintain timelines. In an attempt to reduce your exposure to excessive noise Wilstar has recently constructed a lounge area beside the laundry room that any resident may utilize to escape excessive construction noise during the time of construction. At all other times the lounge area will be locked and will not be available for use, unless otherwise stated.

Wilstar is absolutely committed to providing to all our residents a property that is in a good state of repair which complies with health, safety, housing and maintenance standards which we hope will increase our resident's enjoyment of the property and their pride in our community. Wilstar would also like to extend our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience these projects may cause in the short-term; however we are confident that all residents will appreciate living at a property that has several new improvements such as balcony railings, windows, insulated façade, heating boilers, asphalt throughout, and new landscape design.

We would like to thank all our residents for your co-operation and understanding through this difficult time.


Wilstar Management Ltd.